"Auto repair that is worry free and tech forward."

We use our experience in dealerships, national chains and independent shops to keep you informed and in charge.

What is Technology First Auto Repair?

Technology First means we use vehicle data and our experience as our "first line tool" to identify then solve problems. Modern automobiles are complicated, computer controlled, electromechanical systems. There can be a network of up to 100 sensors that detect changes and gather information and make changes second by second. At RepairTech you can count on up to date top of the line diagnostic software and tools to access and analyze data.  We specialize in using this information tell us your vehicle's health and help predict pending failures. Every vehicle is inspected, tested and repaired using the identical specifications as the OEM dealer.

Is an OEM Dealer or National Chain Better?

Not really. The reason why? - in both cases you will ALWAYS pay a higher price for parts and labor. OEM dealers rely on the proceeds from the service and parts to profit. Repair activities are a large part (~49%) of their revenue. The increased prices do not pay technicians but rather create “fixed ops” profit. Overhead drives the rates you pay for auto repairs at the dealer. Our experience shows dealers charge at least $15 per hour more and the total cost can be three times that of a similar RepairTech invoice. We choose top quality parts to save you money. We also buy OEM parts directly from the dealer at a greatly reduced rate as required or desired.

Chain Stores and Rapid Oil Change

National Chains - Muffler and Tire Shops and oil change stores are corporate sales machines. Their service managers are on the "upsell hustle" driving their technicians to "beat the book" and "meet the numbers". Every process is held to hardline profit margins and corporate rules. We routinely beat their estimates by a long shot and do so with higher quality parts and lubricants. As an independent shop, I pay my technicians and invest in the shop to provide you with better service. There is no massive corporate structure to support. Independent means no hard sales or inflated work orders. Common sense and not corporate rules combine with our Technology 1st principle. RepairTech uses cloud-based OBD data analysis, and the correct procedures. We document your repairs in CARFAX to protect your car's warranty and value. RepairTech delivers quality and service that exceeds dealers and chains stores for a fraction of the cost. Send us any dealer or chain estimate before you buy.

My Promise - Our Commitment: Total Transparency.

Along with Technology 1st - RepairTech Service Managers and Technicians always follow our "Honest Options" principle. This means the service manager will explain your repair estimate in detail and give you options in three PRIORITIES:

  1. Actions that are immediate for safety or to prevent damage

  2. Repairs required in no greater than 3,000 miles to prevent a Priority 1

  3. Items due in no greater than 6,000 miles or elective options

The Honest Options Program gives you decision information to stay in control and informed. Complete transparency is what you can expect at RepairTech. During the repair we often send images and video needed to see the entire picture.

Discounts, Prices and Coupons

We use fair, market driven shop labor rates. Our transparent pricing can be found using the NAPA Estimator. RepairTech's web analytics system tracks competitors' coupons or offers to notify you when the price is lowest for a pending repair. We most often honor all coupons from bona fide "brick and mortar" competitors’ within the Orlando area. There is same as cash financing from West Creek and a Synchrony Car Car Program.

VIP Plans - ASK Now.

RepairTech GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, and BLACK. The ultimate hassle free oil changes. These annual plans start with a SynBlend oil change under $40 save hassles and shopping around - protect your investment all year.  No more fear of an oil light or Service A or B. VIP members have get special labor rates and qualify for other discounts such as "lifetime" brake pad programs, Annual AC checks. RepairTech programs help reduce your total cost of ownership and prevent unexpected problems. Some levels qualify for deductible coverage with CarShield and others. 

Call us if trouble strikes.  RepairTech is your best choice for rapid approvals for CarChex, CarShield or Endurance. VIP PLATINUM and BLACK members get credit that covers deductibles for many repairs. Take a look at our daily specials including top quality synthetic blend oil changes for $21.21.

DIY Auto Repair Rentals  RepairTech continues to provide the Do it Yourself Rentals See our DIY Rates. Ask about diagnostic support using ALLDATA, SnapOn and Autel.

Please stop by our first store in Kissimmee, FL. See the benefits of Technology 1st, Honest Options and VIP Programs.

We are a Veteran owned family business we stand by our products and workmanship.

See You Soon!

Charlie Payne, Founder
RepairTech Automotive and DIY

Phone:  407-348-3400

Kissimmee, Florida